Cover of book The Heart of Haiku (Kindle Single)

The Heart of Haiku (Kindle Single)

by: Jane Hirshfield

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  • hear for yourself, and enter deeply enough this seeing and hearing, all things will speak with and through you.
  • “If we were to gain mastery over things, we would find their lives would vanish under us without a trace.”
  • “The moon and sun are travelers of a hundred generations. The years, coming and going, are wanderers too. Spending a lifetime adrift on boat decks, greeting old age while holding a horse by the mouth—for such a person, each day is a journey, and the journey itself becomes home.”
  • Zen is less the study of doctrine than a set of tools for
  • discovering what can be known when the world is looked at with open eyes.
  • The fidelity of Zen is to this world, and to how we see and taste it in our lives and our lives in it.
  • Shinto’s deep-seated spirits of place.
  • To feel sabi is to feel keenly one’s own sharp and particular existence amid its own impermanence,
  • and to value the singular moment as William Blake did “infinity in the palm of your hand”—to feel it precise and almost-weightless as a sand grain, yet also vast.