Cover of book Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

by: Jaron Lanier

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  • Those of us with options must explore our options or they will remain only theoretical.
    Note: Intro summary: Become a cat. Remain autonomous. Explore your options.

    Social media engages in behavior modification. Algorithms look for short term peak 'engagement' -> negative reactions. People are changed slowly, subtly because of reward, pushishment and the irregularity of the two.

  • Addiction gradually turns you into a zombie. Zombies don't have free will … You become more like a zombie, more of the time, than you otherwise would.
    Note: the more time you spend on social media
  • BUMMER - Behaviour of Users Modified and Made into an Empire for Rent.
  • Ordinary people are brought together in a setting in which the main - of often the only - reward available is attention.
  • (What's bad) It's the business model. The incentive for the companies. Not the technology.

    You know the adage that you should choose a partner on the basis of who you become when you're around the person? That's a good way to choose technologies, too.

  • When you are a solitary wolf, …
    … You take on the qualities of an artist.
    When you're in a pack, … You become more like an operator, a politician, or a slave.
  • If, when you participate in online platforms, you notice a nasty thing inside yourself, an insecurity, a sense of low self-esteem, a yearning to lash out, to swat someone down, Then leave the platform. Simple.
    Note: These social network platforms make you your naturally worst self. No one knows why.
  • What if listening to an inner voice or hiding a passion for ethics or beauty were to lead to more important work in the long term, even if it measured as less successful in the moment? What if deeply reaching a small number of people matters more than reaching everybody with nothing?
    1. Seth Godin champions for reaching out to your tribe as opposed to the mass market.
    2. By drowning out signal in too much noise, social media is jamming the signal.
    3. Assumption of social media as it is today - Only way to sustain connection between 2 people is through a 3rd person who pays to manipulate the 1st and 2nd.
    4. The Freemium model
    5. How to pay users for content?
    6. What is 'Data as labor' model?
  • The important change is that you now have less free will, and a few people you don't know have more of it. Some of your free will has been transferred to them. Free will has become like money in a gilded age.
    It is the stuff of those religions that have proposed that only leaders have a mandate from heaven.
  • A strict religion might demand that adherents believe certain things that are not supported by evidence, or that are countered by it.
    Believing something only because you learned it through a system is a way of giving your cognitive power over to that system.
  • The term coined by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins proposed memes as units of culture that compete and are either passed along or not, according to a pseudo-Darwinian selection process.
  • Here are some tough truths: We currently don't have a scientific description of a thought or a conversation. We don't know how ideas are represented in a brain. We don't know what an idea is, from a scientific point of view.
  • The foundation of the search for truth must be the ability to notice one's own ignorance. Acknowledging ignorance is a beautiful feature that science and spirituality hold in common.