Cover of book Forms of Japan

Forms of Japan

by: Michael Kenna, Yvonne Meyer-Lohr

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  • Water-drawing rites,
    Icy sound of monks' getas
    Echo long and cold.
    — Matsuo Basho
  • An autumn eve -
    An hour of leisure
    In a fleeting life.
    — Yosa Buson
  • A sorrow —
    Curving a fishing line
    The autumn wind
    — Yosa Buson
  • Spring passes —
    Birds sing
    Tears in the eyes of fishes
    — Matsuo Basho
  • A solitary
    Crow on a bare branch -
    Autumn evening
    — Matsuo Basho
  • Pressed by loneliness
    The kabiya keeper
    Sounded one gong after another
    — Hara Sekitei
  • Look this way —
    I, too, am lonely
    Autumn dusk
    — Matsuo Basho
  • Sleeping side by side
    A tiny butterfly, a cat
    And a buddhist priest
    — Kobayashi Issa
  • Let yourself be silently drawn
    by the strange pull of what you really love
    It will not lead you astray.
    — Jalal ad-din ar-Rumi