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Elizabeth I

by: Elizabeth I

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  • … but then remembered what I had chosen as my watch word: “Video Et Taceo” — “I see and say nothing.”
  • It was my task to make them relax, assure them that in my presence they need only be themselves.
  • That which is most pleasing disappears too soon.
  • “The rest of my secret is this: Rise early, go to bed likewise, and if you want to prosper, keep your eyes open an dyour mouth shut.”
  • I was ever the realist, sometimes to my sorrow. But seldom to my regret.
  • It is wisdom to mask one's weaknesses from others, but only a fool masks them from herself
  • The only trait that was consistent throughout her life was a superb ability to judge character and to select exactly the right people to serve in the right capacity, thereby getting the most out of the varied talents that surrounded her.