Cover of book Destination Simple

Destination Simple

by: Brooke McAlary

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A short sweet book with a very different take on minimalism. The actions/steps/prinicpals toward minimalism in this book are very approachable compared to other books on minimalism I've read. They are not prescriptive, more like principals which can be applied at our own pace. Huge emphasis on mindfulness, on taking small steps which feel good. Honestly it is all there in the Slow Home blog & podcast - but still worth reading in this short distilled format.
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  • A ritual is a formal, ceremonial task that is undertaken regularly.
  • Instead, the ritual of single-tasking involves:
    • choosing one task you regularly do during your day
    • focusing solely on that task
    • immersing yourself wholly and completely in experiencing it.
  • A novelist's business is lying.
  • Brain dumping is a mind-mapping or journaling exercise where you simply, well … dump the contents of your brain onto paper.
  • the key is to regularly spend time being aware of and grateful for the good in our lives. To actively stop taking these everyday blessings for granted. To pause, look around and say, “ Hey, it's OK. My life might not be perfect. And I may not be running marathons/ curing cancer / raising kids / travelling/ out of debt / achieving whatever goal I've set, but I am me. And that's pretty great, for these reasons.”
  • Tilting is about being aware of the changing pressures of life and being flexible, while also rejecting the idea that everything needs to be perfectly balanced every single minute of every day and that anything less is a failure.
  • Tilting allows us to focus on what's important in the moment, and intentionally choose to put our energies into those areas.
  • It's about understanding -and accepting- the fact that you can not and will not ever achieve perfect balance.
  • I can't tell you where your priorities need to be, but every once in a while, ask yourself if you feel balanced:
    • this week?
    • this month?
    • in the past six months?
    The answer you feel in your gut will guide you much better than any ideal of perfect balance ever will.
  • In fact, if I had to sum this book up in one idea, it would be this: become a noticer. Slow down and pay attention